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Below are the latest minutes from the 2022 AGM held on the 25th May 2022. The minutes can be downloaded using the link at end of this document.


The British Gordon Setter Club – The Gordon Setter Association –

The Gordon Setter Club of Scotland – The Gordon Setter Field Trial Society

CHAIRPERSON: Mrs Elaine Roberts (GSA)

Minute of the 2022 Annual General Meeting of the Council held by Zoom call on

Tuesday 25th May 2022 at 19:30 hours

Present:                       Elaine Roberts (GSA), in the Chair

David Alcorn (DRA) (GSCS), as Acting Secretary

Jean Collins-Pitman, Annette Mappin, Peter Sandiford (BGSC); 

Nicky Ackerly-Kemp, Maggy Halliday, Kathryne Wrigley (GSA),  Val Isherwood, Alison Robinson (GSFTS),  Kate Macara (KM) (GSCS).

Item Action
1Apologies Sara Chichester, Carolyn Pearce.   
2Chairman’s Report   Elaine Roberts read her report as follows:    “Following on from the Covid restrictions of 2021, which prevented face to face committee meetings, the Gordon Setter Breed Council is gradually getting back to normal and hopefully it won’t be too long before we are all round the table again.   “David Alcorn continues in the role of Acting Secretary and Sarah Chichester is Treasurer. Many thanks to both. I took over from Kate Macara as Chairman and we are all grateful to Kate for doing such a great job.   “We are fortunate to have Kathryne Wrigley as the breed Health Coordinator. Kathryne devotes an endless amount of time to Gordon Setters and provides support and up to date health information to novices and old hands alike. Nothing is too much trouble so thank you Kathryne. The Breed Council now has its own website   “A great deal of time has been spent at our meetings revising the numbers required for judging at various levels in the breed. With the traditional route and the new JEP route running alongside, maintaining the lists is a little more complicated than it used to be. It is very important that judges keep the Breed Council Secretary informed of their progress so that they can appear on the correct list. I am concerned that some aspiring judges have unintentionally disappeared from our lists because they haven’t done this. Please check and keep the Secretary updated. It is a Kennel Club requirement that no one can now accept an appointment unless they fulfil the JEP Level 1 requirements ( or already give CCs in another Breed) . We do not want to lose experienced Breed judges.   “The judging criteria can be found on our website. The KC website is also useful with regard to the Judges Education Programme.   “I am the Breed Education Coordinator and I am more than happy to help any Gordoner work out what they have to do at the different stages.   “With the shows and Field Trials getting back to normal it should be an exciting year for everyone involved.       
   “Wishing you all a very happy and successful time with your Gordons.”   
3Secretary’s Report   David Alcorn read his report as follows:   “2021 was a little busier for the breed council, with the main task being a full review of all judging lists undertaken as the main priority. This wasn’t an easy task, and in the end it is disappointing that a number of judges have retired and don’t wish to judge our breed any more – but even more disappointing that others haven’t replied and have had to be temporarily removed from the list. I am pleased to say that we are holding an interim list of JEP Level 1 and Level 2 judges which is most encouraging.   “Hopefully we will see more breed specialist judges coming forward through the new JEP system, however it does seem rather disappointing to see so few people undertake mentoring on the breed at shows. Hopefully this will increase as we return to more normality this year.    “I am grateful to Keith Whiting for his creation of, and ongoing support with, the website which he updates very quickly as required.    “The Council continues to meet by Zoom regularly, which is efficient and cost effective. Certainly, at the moment, it is saving us all a fortune in fuel costs!   “I am still in the role of Acting Secretary at present and this is not an ideal scenario which the Breed Council and all member clubs will need to address this year, and going forward.”   
4Treasurer’s Report and Adoption of Accounts for 2021   As there had been no financial activity during the year ended 2021, there were no accounts to be presented.     
5Breed Education Co-ordinator Report   Elaine Roberts read her report as follows:    “A little bit of general information about the role of the Breed Education Coordinator – the simplest way of describing it is as a point of contact for everything connected with judges education within the breed, in line with the Kennel Club Judges Education Programme. That might be anything from ensuring that we comply with required number of seminars and supported entry Open shows to organising mentors for up and coming judges.   “So far the system of mentoring seems to be working well and there has been a steady increase in the number of requests for mentoring since it was introduced. Most mentors approached have been very happy to help newcomers although I sometimes think the mentors are more nervous than the mentees before they begin. Without exception the feedback from both parties has been positive and it has been an enjoyable experience all round. I think it is a really useful way for newcomers to the breed to learn from experienced Gordon judges.   “The Gordon Breed Clubs are more than fulfilling the Kennel Club requirements for Breed Assessment Days with both the GSCS and the BGSC already holding one this year. The KC requirement is one every 2 years. The GSA will be hosting another one in the Autumn. They held an A2/A3 Assessment Day last Autumn for more experienced judges progressing through the old system.   
 “I would say that the transition period where both traditional route and new JEP route are running side by side has confused many would be judges. It has also led to a considerable amount of extra work for the Breed Council Secretary. Since the Kennel Club announced that anyone accepting new judging appointments must meet the JEP Level 1 requirements we have lost many many experienced and respected Gordon judges from our lists. I would give one example of a lady who has judged over 200 Gordons, made up and bred Show Champions who cannot now accept any more appointments. There are other similar stories. That cannot be good for the breed. I think we will have a real shortage of experienced breed specialist judges for our bigger Open Shows in the next few years before people going through the new system come on board.”   
6Breed Health Co-ordinators Report    Kathryne Wrigley’s report is contained in Appendix I.      
8Any Other Competent Business   There being no other business, the meeting was closed at 19:44. 

Appendix I: Gordon Setter Breed Health Summary 2021

AGM 2022 Summary

No registration or EBV end of year figures -waiting for final BRS 2021

Update from KC -last quarter 2021 due out in June. First quarter for 2022 due August/September so next years figures will also be late!!

No health reports received for 2021. Health forms are now on online -breed club and the breed council websites. Only way to move forward with any health condition is to collect data.

Update – 3 received to date for 2022 – 1 paper,2 online.

Heart survey – information still coming in. Mark Dunning waiting for latest info from the uni.

Update – project stalled during pandemic ( though info was still collected) Mark keen to allocate new researcher to finish project and get the data analysed .

IBD paper- preliminary report published in the Canadian Journal of Veterinary Research.

8 possible genes linked with the condition.

Multifactoral and complex pathogenesis.

Expression of genes is not known-recessive,dominant etc.

Bigger study required with more dogs.

This type of study possibly more helpful as a diagnostic aid .

No current action

BVA Health Schemes are returning to normal after pandemic slow down.

Update – BVA new hub up and running and results have been returned within 2 weeks!

Update from UGSR AGM

UGSR will continue to pay for DNA storage and PRA testing from members litters born this year

UGSR also proposed as put forward by the BGSC recently: “UGSR to pay the cost for Gordon Setters (dog/bitch) of 8 years and over to have a PRA4 eye test, when this takes place at a Gordon Setter Open or Champhionship show or event with a BVA approved vet. The owner needs to be a member of the BGSC, GSA, GSCS or GS Field Trials. UGSR need to be notified prior to the test taking place”.

Kathryne Wrigley RVN Health co ordinator


Kathryne Wrigley (Breed Health Coordinator) has now developed the Breed Health Reporting form into a digital version, enabling the form to be completed online and sent directly to Kathryne to update the Breed Health database. The new form can be found at the bottom of the Breed Health page on this website.

If however you still prefer to download, print, complete and return the form in the original paper version then is also still available on the Breed Health page.


We wanted to let you know that, in line with Kennel Club policy, the Gordon Setter Association is organising an A3 Seminar for judges who are on the GS Breed Council A3 judging list, or have been on the B list for some time and who wish to progress their judging to the next level ie awarding CCs.

This will be held 26th September 2021 at Corley Village Hall nr Coventry.
For full details contact Ramsey Nagaty 

Numbers are strictly limited and places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Once you receive a pass at this Seminar you will have the support of the Breed Council to apply to the Kennel Club to go onto the A2 list so long as you already have the required numbers and have done all the Kennel Club requirements for their new Judges Education Programme Level 1 (old JCF).   You can check these on the KC website.  You should be aware that the numbers required have recently been reduced and you can check these on the Gordon Setter Breed Council website

You should also be aware that in accordance with Kennel Club Rules from January 2021 no one is allowed to accept any more judging appointments at any level unless they have passed the JEP level one requirements or already award CCs in another breed or already have a contract in place.

The GS Breed Council will have to take your name off the judging list if you do not have these requirements.

As a valued breed specialist we hope this will not be the case.

Attendance at an A3 Seminar is not a requirement to stay on the lists but if you wish to advance with your judging career we would advise you to take advantage of this as the Kennel Club will only allow this route for a transition period before everything moves over to their new judging system.

I am always happy to help where I can so please contact me if you need any help

Elaine Roberts

Breed Education Coordinator